Our Apples at Home Educators

Our Apples at Home Educators are fabulous people who open their homes up to care for children before they start school. They all go the extra mile and treat Apples children just like their own.

Our Apples at Home Educators:

  • Care for children from their homes caring for a maximum of four children (two under the age of two) under the age of six(which includes their own children)
  • Have police clearance (as do all persons living in the house over the age of seventeen)
  • Have a current clean driver’s license
  • Have a safety approved home and property (that meets the criteria set by the Ministry of Education)
  • Are fully supported by Qualified Early Childhood Teachers
  • Provide Smoke Free environments
  • Have a good understanding of children’s development and learning
  • Are encouraged to attend and participate in Professional Development and Learning which is provided numerous times throughout the year and is incorporated in every Coordinator visit and Playgroup
  • Are invited and encouraged to attend our regular Playgroup sessions
  • Have access to a toy, resource and book library
  • Have a good understanding that learning can be incorporated in any and all daily activities; such as in doing the washing and hanging it out, there is maths concepts in counting pegs, colours, sorting colours, size, shape; Science, in wet/ dry, sunshine and evaporation……. And so on.

Suzi Were

Suzi has her Bachelor of teaching ECE and a Diploma of Counselling. She works alongside and supports the educators to ensure a high quality program for the children that incorporates the Family, Nature and Community values which underpin Apples Childcare.

Miriam Jones

Kia ora. My name is Miriam Jones. As long as I can remember I have had a real love for children. I have four of my own children (aged 14-23 years) and over the last 17 years I have worked with young children and their families, in a variety of settings including preschool, primary school and home-based care. Home based childcare has always been closest to my heart as I’ve experienced first-hand how it can support each child’s individuality and help them grow into the wonderful people they’re intended to be. I have a Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) and full teacher registration.

North Shore

Andrea – Sunnynook

Hi my name is Andrea. I am a mum of a 12 year old boy and 8 year old girl and love animals. We have a crazy but friendly cat called Nina, two Guinea pigs named Pokey & Cookie and some fish.
I’ve been doing home based childcare for 6 years and enjoy going out into the community with the kids such as parks, playgroups, mainly music, libraries and beaches. I also love being creative with the kids doing arts & crafts and science experiments as well a face painting, gardening, singing and playing the guitar.

Betty – Totara Vale

I am an early childhood educator based in my own home. I enjoy my job so much and have been doing it for four years now. I started off looking after my granddaughter and decided to take more children on. I love nothing more than having children at the table painting, gluing and making crafts. I enjoy going to playgroups and parks and I also enjoy sitting on the floor with little baby’s and playing.
I am part of an experienced team of educators that have recently joined Apples at home childcare. I have found them to be very professional at an affordable price for all families. Providing children with a safe, warm, clean and secure place to play and learn is something I strive to acheive.
I belong to a home base childcare association and attend many professional development courses. I am current in first aid for children.
In my spare time my hobbies are dancing – ceroc and salsa, going for walks, DIY, gardening, sewing and knitting. I have four grown up children (two girls and two boys) and they have their own homes. I am very proud of them all.
I was born in England, the youngest of eight. I met my late husband at 15 and we not married when I was 17. We moved to NZ in 1982 as we wanted to give our kids the best life we could. Sadly after a very happy 30 years he passed away so I live only own.
I currently have limited spaces available due to children moving away.
Please contact Apples at Childcare on 0800 Apples or info@appleshomecare.co.nz for more information.

Kerry – Browns Bay

My name is Kerry. I live in Browns Bay and have two adult children, a son and a daughter. I have 23 years experience as a Home-Based Educator and have held a Nanny position for 2 years.
I thoroughly love my job as it is a really satisfying and rewarding role. When “past” care children and parents come back to visit. It is a reflection of the bond formed over the period of time the child is in care.
I believe it is my role to ensure the children feel loved, nurtured and safe, while enjoying a stimulating environment. I believe it is important that the children have lots of fun while learning at their own pace and they are encouraged to socialise and build relationships with other children and adults.
In my home the children have access to many educational, creative and fun activities including pretend play, art and craft, reading and puzzles, blocks, science, music and dance and water play. I have a fully fenced yard where the children enjoy a range of outdoor activities too.
We go on regular outings in the community and these provide the children with opportunities to interact in larger groups. These include visits to libraries, parks, playgroups, other Educators’ homes and music sessions.
Each child has a Learning Journal and I encourage parents to share in and celebrate their child’s experiences and achievements through open and regular communication with me.
Come and join our happy “Apples” family.

Linda – Hillcrest

I am passionate about Early Childhood Education in a home based environment. I have been an in home Educator since 2003 working with babies and children, including those with special needs. My own family consists of my husband and I, and our teenage daughters Brooke and Drew.
I am part of an experienced team of Educators that have recently joined Apples at Home Childcare, a company where quality home based care and education of children is at an affordable price for all families.
Children in my care feel that my home is their own special place, they fondly call my home “school”. I provide children with a safe and secure well equipped separate daycare area. My focus is that children have a balance of structured education as well as free play.
We go on many outings within the community such as playgroups, music classes and the library, meaning the children get the opportunity to socialise with larger groups of children.
I belong to The Home Base Childcare Association, attend many professional development courses, have a current Child First Aid Certificate and will be starting Open Polytech to study for Level 3 and 4 in Early Childhood Practice shortly.
In my spare time I practice Yoga and have recently started playing Touch Rugby.
Check out my Facebook page Linda’s Homebased Childcare
Limited spaces available in 2018 due to care children starting school.
Contact Apples at Home Childcare on 0800 apples or info@appleshomecare.co.nz for more information.

Liz – Forrest Hill

Hi. I’m Liz and I live in Forrest Hill (near Mairangi Bay/Sunnynook/Milford) with my two sons who both work full-time. I have 23 years experience as an Home based Educator. Prior to this, I worked 13 years as an Enrolled Nurse, including four and a half years at Starship Hospital. My interests include choir singing, Scottish Country dancing, and playing the piano.
The sound of happy, laughing children in my home is what I love about my job.
I believe children need love, safety, boundaries and fun (just as they get at home) which in turn makes them happy and secure. Children learn through play and I offer many activities including music and dance, reading and puzzles, water play, art and craft, science, and pretend play. I have a fenced grass area plus a large deck for outdoor play.
We go on lots of nature walks, visit other educators, pet shops, parks and libraries, plus go to places like McDonalds or the Zoo for special treats. We also attend Playgroup and More Music, ensuring the children interact with larger groups. I also provide pre-school education for 4-yr olds.
I believe each child is unique and in regular discussions with parents I suit each child’s needs. I attend regular Professional Development updates and each child has a learning journal. I look forward to welcoming children into my ‘Apples’ family.

Wendy – Greenhithe

My name is Wendy and I live in Greenhithe.
I have been a Home-based educator for 17 years after many years working within childcare centres where I studied and completed an early childhood education qualification. Being able to provide Homebased learning and activities for the children and encouraging the children to bring out their own creativity in their arts and crafts is something I enjoy.
I love to see children having fun while learning through their different stages of a being a preschooler, and building strong relationships with the children and their parents / Whanau. We attend playgroup where the children get to socialise within a larger group of children and adults , and outings to the local parks, and community.
Children come into my home to a relaxed, safe, secure environment where they are encouraged to grow, challenge and learn through regular organised activities as well as free time play.


Anel – Whangaparaoa

Hi There. I’m Anèl. I have a little family of two boys and a lovely husband. My oldest boy is going to school and my youngest boy is still with me at home.
We are originally form South Africa and came to New Zealand in 2013. Since then we have made New Zealand our home and we love this beautiful country!
I have a BSocSci Degree in Social work, and worked as a social worker for 10 years, but decided not to do social work in New Zealand.
Here in New Zealand I saw a new land, with new opportunities. As a young girl, I always dreamed of having a preschool or day-care at my house and always loved to interact with young children. So, I followed my heart and ended up at an ECE Centre where I worked for 3 years. I loved to interact with our beautiful and spontaneous children.  I have joined Apples Home based care and believe this is where I should be.
I believe that love and respect for our children and their individual situations will allow us to guide our children to become well developed individuals who will be the very best that they can be, and who will one day follow their dreams.
I can’t wait to meet your family. We are going to have exciting times!
Believe in your dreams for the future. Dreams will give you the ambition to accomplish many things.

Donna – Stanmore Bay

Hello..my name is Donna. I’m a crazy English girl originally from sunny Manchester in the UK. I have been married to my partner, Ian for 28 years and we have two fabulous children. Abbie and Joe.
In 2005, myself and family started our new life in this beautiful country we now call home.
We have two fur babies… Ralph the cocker spaniel who truly believes he’s a 3 year old human and Dolly the cat.
I have been a Home-based care educator for 23 years, and still love it as much as the day I first started. I still have regular contact with most of the children I have cared for over the years, the oldest now being 27. They are, and always will be, a part of our family.
I provide a fun, caring, safe, nurturing, environment for the little ones. I find pleasure in the ability to teach them news things and to be able to watch them grow into beautiful confident caring children through play, laughter, lots of fun and a splash of craziness.

Helen – Stanmore Bay

Hello, my name is Helen and I am 43 years old and have been a Home Based Child Educator for almost 6 years. I am married and have 3 school aged children. My interests include cooking, animals and nature and I love to include these things in day to day learning with the children.
I am a Home Based Educator and I believe that a Whanau and Educator connection is an important platform for a child’s well-being. The children receive one on one care which allows them to form a strong attachment necessary for meaningful learning.
I provide a warm, dry, loving environment for my children and I have a large outdoor area including a concrete pad for bike riding and a large grassed area with swings and a slide. I am the proud owner of some feathered and furry friends for the children to love and feed.
I have a very strong belief that children under 5 should learn through play and have that freedom to express themselves but also be guided by myself to extend their interests. We attend playgroups, visit parks and go on group trips to involve the children in the community.
It is a privilege for me to be able to nurture and love your precious babies.

Jo-Anne – Stanmore Bay

My name is Jo-Anne. I have 3 boys, ranging from almost 21 years old to almost 9 years old. All my childcare training was completed through Playcentre where I spent 6 years.
I love the philosophy of learning through play and I love messy play! I feel it is important to have boundaries and to make life a little predictable for young children, so I have a fixed routine for most of the days of the week in the form of visiting the library for story time, attending Mainly Music sessions and we attend our Apples playgroup sessions.
I love going to the park on the days in-between, visiting other carers or we stay home and catch up on our art, singing and play time. I have always loved children and believe that the attention and love children get in a home-based environment cannot be beat.

Stacey – Manly

Hi, I’m Stacey. I am a born and bred Coastie, and have lived in my current home in Manly for nine years. I have two children of my own aged 10 and 14 years. We love animals and have two cats, a rabbit and a guinea pig.
For the last 5 years, I been a home based educator, and prior to that I was involved in Playcentre for seven years. While at Playcentre, I gained my course 3 certificate, which gave me a lot of insight into the different aspects of children’s learning, growth, behaviour and development, and skills for promoting these. Regular attendance of workshops for professional development means I keep my skills and ideas fresh and up to date.
I have had many children in my care, from babies to school age, and they really do become part of my family. I love teaching children new skills seeing their progress, wonder and breakthroughs, and seeing the wonderful people they grow into.
I am artistic and creative, so arts and crafts is something I really enjoy doing with the children. Walks to the park, beach, or library are always a fun adventure!
I look forward to having more children join my family at Apples

 Suzie – Manly Village

Hi, My name is Suzie, I am an educator at Apples at Home. I have worked in the home based environment for over 22 years.
I am a young at heart Nana to my lovely grandson. I live in Big Manly Village. I have been a resident here on the Hibiscus Coast for 22 years, and love living in my slice of paradise, close to the village and surrounding beaches enjoying a relaxed lifestyle.
Educating and watching little people grow into lovely children and seeing them explore and run, share in the fun, finish what’s begun, put away when done is something I have a passion for. I believe that living and learning begins at home and the best foundation for early learning is the provision of a stable and secure environment children are able to build secure and loving relationships with their individual carer. I like to think I provide a safe, settled, calm and nurturing learning environment that meets individual needs. Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

Wendy – Stanmore Bay

Hi, I’m Wendy.  I live just off Whangaparaoa road across from New World.  I have a four year degree in music education, and I was a classroom teacher for 7 years.
I am mum to Chara, age 8 and Jed, age 2; and wife to Craig for 13 years.  We moved here from America 6 years ago and we’re so thrilled that we did.  We love animals and have lots of furry and feathered friends (6 free range chickens) for children to spend time with.
I strive for a healthy balance of predictable and child-initiated activities. We regularly attend Mainly Music, Apples playgroups, Gym’nees and pedal and play, and we spend much of our time in the parks and out of doors.  My care children order their own library books, and come up with projects they want to do- making their own superhero costumes, baking their own afternoon tea, etc.  When they begin to show interest, children in my care receive free piano lessons- I also work as a preschool piano teacher on weekends.
I enjoy children of all ages, and I especially love to see the learning that takes place between younger children observing the older ones, and what the older children can learn about themselves from observing the younger ones.  I believe home-based childcare is the most natural and nurturing environment for children; and is the best for their development.  I love working with families to encourage children to meet their full potential.