Our Centre

Our Epsom Centre is offers a warm and welcoming home-like environment in a pleasantly painted and set up bungalow where children between birth and school age can feel safe and secure, as they learn about the world, developing and exploring in exciting and interesting ways. We are located in very close proximity to Epsom Normal Primary School.

We have a maximum of 35 children with up to 5 of them being under two. We provide excellent teacher to child ratios to help us provide an educational and safe environment.  Through the constant care and support from our qualified staff, all of our children are allowed to develop and progress at their own pace and grow in confidence.



Family, Community and Nature are three core aspects valued at Apples. We use environment as the third teacher, encourage children to grow and explore actively with their innate curiosity. As each child, parent, community are different, no two Reggio inspired communities should look the same. Having a variety of teachers, some who speak different languages as well as using an environment where children will discover joy in learning about different languages and culture alongside the bicultural culture of New Zealand. Language and culture are very closely related. We respect different learning styles and diverse backgrounds of our children and families. What we teach at Apples Epsom is beyond a language.
Inspired by the concept of “Forest school” and the Reggio approach, we are working towards creating a nature-based and sustainability-focused environment with our children and families/Whānau. We encourage our children to play, explore and learn in natural environment. We regularly take children out to our local communities and parks to experience the attraction of the outdoor environment. As part of our nature-based program, we have various gardens, including an edible garden, where children experience the thrill of growing their own herbs and vegetables.

Our baby room offers a nurturing, supportive and respectful atmosphere where babies can crawl, walk and play at their own pace. Our teachers are inspired by Magda Gerber’s RIE philosophy. We perceive and acknowledge babies to be unique, separate individuals, allow them the bit of space they need to show us who they are and what they need. We communicate authentically; encourage uninterrupted, self-directed play; allow them to develop motor and cognitive skills naturally. In our cozy and secure environment area, they can actively use their senses to touch, taste, smell, hear and see.

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