How are the educators selected?

Our Apples at Home Childcare Educators go through a thorough screening process to come on board.

Our Coordinators spend quality time getting to know our Educators as we spend time working together through the Educator Enrolment Processes, Pre Childcare Induction Process and Home Health and Safety Checks.

Throughout this time the Coordinators get to know our Educators well building the foundations of strong relationships to ensure there is a strong supportive relationship working together. This is also enables Coordinators to be able to match families and Educators together for the best care outcomes possible.

Educators also are security screened including being police checked (as is everyone living in the home over the age of 17).


What is the Educator selection process?

  • Are you over the age of 20?
  • Do you have a passion for and a commitment to children’s learning?
  • Are you willing and able to look after children in your own home and share your day with them?
  • Do you have a sense of humour?
  • Do you have a safe outdoor space for children to play?
  • Are you willing to ensure your home meets the Health and Safety Minimum Standards as per the Early Childhood Regulations and Licensing Criteria?
  • Will you and everyone in your home pass a police vetting clearance check?
  • Are you willing to engage in and be an active member in Professional Development and participate in playgroups?
  • Be willing to have regular visits by the Apples Coordinator?


What happens if my usual educator is sick and unable to care for my child?

In the event that your usual Educator is unable to care for your child (for example, due to illness), we can endeavour to organize a relief or back up Educator at the beginning of care.  Your relief or ‘backup’ Educator will be someone that your child sees regularly with their usual Educator so they have an established relationship with them.

If I become an Educator will I be supported with equipment and activity resources?

Yes, Apples at Home Childcare will provide a variety of equipment and resources for our Educators and will provide a toy and book library where equipment can be borrowed.