Apples “Love the Earth” initiative focuses on giving our children opportunity to spend quality time and experiences in the environment, fostering a love, understanding and appreciation with nature through positive interactions in our natural earth.

We believe children need to develop a love and appreciation of our earth to then be able to understand it and feel passionate about preserving and saving it.  Studies show that today’s children spend very little time outside in the natural environment.

‘Children cannot love what they do not know. They cannot miss what they have not experienced.” ~Mary Pipher, The Shelter of Each Other’.

We encourage the children to care for and develop a sense of love for nature and the world around us. We prefer the use of natural play materials and recycling to help promote a sustainable society.

Furthermore,the development of imagination and a sense of wonder have been positively linked to children’s early, appropriate experiences with the natural world (Cobb 1997). A sense of wonder is an important motivator for life-long learning (Wilson 1997). This is another important aspect within our philosophy of Apples Education; the environment being the third teacher.