Our Onehunga Centre

Management / Administration

Kristie Harris – Centre Manager

I have been working in the education sector since 2001. My experiences includes working with little ones from birth to school age. My teaching is strongly guided by the philosophies of RIE, Forest school, Reggio Emilia , and by our own NZ ECE curriculum, Te Whāriki.

My aspiration for all children is that they are given the opportunity to have purpose to their learning, a real challenge that has a meaningful outcome. To be innovators of change, to become confident, creative and compassionate individuals. I strive to provide meaningful experiences that will encourage children to understand themselves more deeply through the natural world around them.

I am based in our Infants & Toddlers Room.

Kylie Wallace – Assistant Manager

I have been working in Early Childhood for over 20 years and have built many special relationships with children. I enjoy chance to empower children to take responsibility for their own learning while I learn with and alongside them. I thrive on the belief that we can all learn off each other. Ako, where the student is as much the teacher as I am, is a concept that links well my values.

Ako is grounded in the principle of reciprocity and also recognises that the learner and whānau cannot be separated. Through working with the children, their whānau and the other teachers in the centre, we can all work together to create great learning opportunities that will set the children up for a future full of learning.

I am based in the Preschool Room.

Karen Clark – Cook

I am a mother of 3 wonderful children. I started working at this centre in 1994 as a teacher on and off for 10 years. I then returned in 2013 and have worked here as a cook ever since. My passion has always been working with children.

I love making healthy food for the children and talking with them about the creations I make.


Kylie Wallace

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My personal teaching philosophy is underpinned by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. I feel that creating relationships with the children and parents is vital in the child’s learning and development within an Early childhood environment. As a teacher, I enjoy project-based work and experiences I can engage with children, teachers and families alike.

I feel that children can really benefit from tuakana teina (learning alongside older and younger children), as each child offers a unique view and perspective. This makes learning interesting and a reflective process for myself. I personally enjoy working in a natural environment as I feel that children should be able to feel and enjoy all elements and aspects of the whenua. The environment offers children natural provocations and curiosity for learning.

Amanda Colares

I love working with children. I am always willing to learn something new and open to new possibilities and challenges. I believe that the act of teaching goes beyond passing on a subject; it is an act of love. Teaching and learning are parts of the same process. When you teach, you extend on your gaze to the other. The student has the opportunity to a new vision, to recognise something in a different way, finally to understand that there are many different points of view. Education is undoubtedly the greatest tool for construction and transformation. Education remodels the world, because it transforms people.

Infants & Toddlers

Kristie Harris

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Vicky Liu

I believe that early childhood should be a happy and vibrant period of life. Children’s interests, initiatives, contribution, interaction, and spontaneous play are meaningful experiences for their learning and development. As teachers, we adjust the programs and learning environment with considering children preferences. All children should be empowered to choose what they would like to play and make decisions about themselves because they are capable learners.

I also believe that responsive interactions and conversations with children can help children to meet areas of growth. Teaching is more like an art than a job to me. Role modelling and guidance are quite important in helping children to develop pro-social skills and positive personalities. Teachers are co-learners with the children to support children to learn through play.


I live with my husband and our two grown up daughters. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts, major in Public Relations. My true passion lies in nurturing children and I am grateful to work at Apples Childcare. I am enthusiastic to show the children with pure love, care, lots of fun and play as they learn in the nurturing, nature loving environment that Apples provides.


I am Vivi. I am a qualified ECE teacher. I got bachelor degree in Psychology and completed PGDip program in Education. I became interested in childhood development and the advanced ideas of early childhood education in New Zealand during study, so I decided to be an ECE teacher and grow up together with children. The most enjoyable moment of working with children is saying “good morning” aloud to each other in every morning. It makes me feel energetic and reminds me that we are ready to have fun in a new day.