Our Onehunga Centre

Management / Administration

Kylie – Centre Manager

I have been working in Early Childhood for over 20 years and have built many special relationships with children. I enjoy chance to empower children to take responsibility for their own learning while I learn with and alongside them. I thrive on the belief that we can all learn off each other. Ako, where the student is as much the teacher as I am, is a concept that links well my values.

Ako is grounded in the principle of reciprocity and also recognises that the learner and whānau cannot be separated. Through working with the children, their whānau and the other teachers in the centre, we can all work together to create great learning opportunities that will set the children up for a future full of learning.

Karen – Cook

I am a mother of 3 wonderful children. I started working at this centre in 1994 as a teacher on and off for 10 years. I then returned in 2013 and have worked here as a cook ever since. My passion has always been working with children.

I love making healthy food for the children and talking with them about the creations I make. I have so many meaningful conversations with the children as I prepare the meals throughout the day. Talking with them about what I am doing really helps to build strong relationships with the children in the centres care.  I really enjoy getting to know the children at the centre and love the cuddles I receive from them when I arrive and throughout the day.


Ashley – Preschool Room Head Teacher

My personal teaching philosophy is underpinned by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. I feel that creating relationships with the children and parents is vital in the child’s learning and development within an Early childhood environment. As a teacher, I enjoy project-based work and experiences I can engage with children, teachers and families alike.

I feel that children can really benefit from tuakana teina (learning alongside older and younger children), as each child offers a unique view and perspective. This makes learning interesting and a reflective process for myself. I personally enjoy working in a natural environment as I feel that children should be able to feel and enjoy all elements and aspects of the whenua. The environment offers children natural provocations and curiosity for learning.


As a kaiako who places great emphasis on children’s kotahitanga, my goal as a qualified educator is to support their ongoing learning and development while empowering each child’s overall growth. Each child learns differently one of the challenges for us as kaiako is to support the whole child and not just focus on one area of their growth and learning. It is vital that we pay attention to the multiple perspectives of a childs learning to help support them as they prepare to carry on the learning journey they have started in the centre throughout the rest of their lives.


Sat Sri Akal. This is Jas here. I am originally from Mumbai, India. I studied in New Zealand and have been practicing ECE for 8 years. I like to encourage children to become independent, confident and competent learners. I also believe the environment is the child’s third teacher. I am passionate about my culture and love learning about diverse cultures as I understand family/culture values help in growing a child’s holistic process. I have a sincere desire to have a positive influence on the lives of children in my care.


Hello, Kia ora. Ni hao/你好, everyone. My name is Shiming. I came from Guangzhou, China, and had been to New Zealand for almost four years. I am one of the teachers in the preschool room as well as working towards my bachelor degree in early childhood teaching. I love children. I have the passion of being an early childhood educator and I enjoy spending my time with the children. In my teaching philosophy, I believe every child has the right to learn and explore the world around them in their own way. Therefore, respecting the children is necessary as well as giving them the freedom to make choices and learning. At the same time, I have the strength to build a relationship with children, and working collaborates with the colleagues to participate in children’s learning.


Rachel – Juniors Room Head Teacher

I am a mother of two boys, and have been teaching in since 2001. My experience has been with children from birth all the way to high school age. I became a registered ECE teacher in 2007.

Ako and tukana teina is the base of my personal teaching philosophy. I believe relationships are the foundation of teaching and learning and that we learn from each other. Learning alongside each other in responsive and reciprocal relationships is so rewarding in this field of life.


Kia Ora/Hello/您好, my name is Sally. I have 30 years’ experience working in early childhood with all age groups an various philosophies. I am eager to work alongside the tamariki to support their learning. I am RIE and Pikler inspired which fits nicely with the centre philosophy and practices.Through respectful interactions with the children, I can build strong, lasting relationships to help support their independent learning.


Kia Ora! Apa khabar? Ni Hao? My name is Faith,.I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education). I’m passionate about children as I believe they are our future. Furthermore, in my teaching philosophy, I value respect and trusting relationships with children and parents/whānau. Respect plays a huge role in my teaching as I do view children as competent individuals, capable of leading their own play. I also believe that building trusting relationships with children and parents/whānau through reciprocal interaction, which I believe supports children’s wellbeing and learning development. I am so honoured to be a part of every child’s learning journey and I hope to create meaningful and fun experiences with your child


Kia ora, Malo-E-Lelei, my name is Temaleti-Paea-I-Piangil, known as Tee. I was born here in New Zealand, but my parents hail from the Friendly Island of Tonga. I am currently studying towards a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Educational Psychology. Children are my passion, I have been working alongside primary aged children, toddlers and babies. It has been nothing but fun and a great learning experience. My personal philosophy is centred around nurturing, caring, and providing a safe environment for the tamariki, followed with guidelines provided by Te Whāriki. It is a privilege to work at apples, especially creating the wonderful relationships with the tamariki and their whanau and also having a great supportive teaching team.


Kia Ora, Ola, my name is Iris! I am a Brazilian, married and I have three beautiful teenage, I’m graduated in pedagogy with post graduate in psychopedagogy and I have more than seven years in kindergarten experience in my country. I believe that each child is a single being, with the ability to develop various skills, is always curious to learn and willing to discover new challenges. I love to be a teacher, as it is wonderful to see the brightness in the look of each discovery, in the smile of every conquest and mainly to plant a little seed of hope, love and peace in every single of their hearts.


Kia ora, my name is Sharon Corrique. I am a mother to six children (3 girls and 3 boys) and I live locally in Hillsborough. I love to work with tamariki and working alongside their whanau and our staff to watch the tamariki grow in their strengths and to help them along their journey. I believe tamariki learn by watching their peers and whanau in their lives. This makes it important for us to ensure we are provide good, quality opportunities and examples for the children to learn from, through and with.