The Preschool area caters for children from approx 2 to school age. We understand that preschoolers are learning to make sense of the world, they’re developing literacy, numeracy, social and mathematics skills and they are especially discovering who they are; therefore we provide a more complex learning environment for both individual and group experiences.

Children are active learners and therefore the way in which the environment is set influences how a child will engage, play and learn. We present materials in a way that invites our children to interact with them, fostering curiosity, engagement and innovation. Our Preschool is set up in a way that promotes small group activities which allow the chance for children to get to know each other better, strengthening their social skills as well as allowing the teachers to work closer with them in promoting their natural curiosity and learning. We thoughtfully set up the environment to be full of provoking, open-ended objects and experiences which encourages spontaneous learning opportunities, both independently as well as through the shared opportunities with their peers.

We have a strong belief in allowing the children to get outdoors and play all year round. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices. Children benefit from playing and exploring in the natural world on many levels. Physically, they learn and develop more freely when exposed to the outdoors and the natural world; furthermore, being able to run, jump, climb and build in natural spaces is also beneficial to children’s balance, agility and motor skills. With children playing outside much of the time, the outdoors tends to lead to prolonged periods of play, this encourages children to get to know each other and what they and others like and dislike; learn ‘rules’ of play; learn how to problem solve and manage conflict resolution.

 The children were highly involved in the creation and maintenance of our garden. Gardening offers so many fun and interesting opportunities for children, and teaches them invaluable lessons. They can learn about the different species of plants and what those plants need to help them grow. They also get to learn about the different seasons, weather and the affects they have on the plants. It also offers an opportunity to learn about different shapes and colours, and different  insects they might come across.

Our Preschool children have a deep passion for literacy and mathematics. They often bring the teachers books to read with them. Many deep conversations take place while reading with children. This allows us the chance to extend their vocabulary and knowledge about the both the fantasy and real world. Through investigating the different things that books can teach us the children are learning many different concepts. They enjoy puzzles and other manipulative experiences that help support their fine motor skills as well as problem solving skills. Shapes, colours and counting experiences happen throughout the entire centre with the various challenging aspects of the daily set ups. .

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