Our Natural Environment

After intensive review and a change in management we now offer the children creative natural pathways and spaces that are inviting and encouraging as they begin to and continue to explore the natural world around them.

In the infant environment we have a rock climbing wall that allows the children to explore up and around the garden above their climbing area, before coming back down a ladder. This new space encourages the infant and toddler children in the infants’ room to develop their gross motor skills and confidence in themselves as they explore the world around them. We have also included some more gardening boxes which are at the children’s height so they can participate in the planting, watering and harvesting process with seasonal herbs, fruit and vegetables. A favourite for the children is the flintstone car. New to the sandpit, the infants have a wonderful totara log watering system which is set up so the teachers can allow the children to have free access to the water during the day. We have noticed the children’s independence thrive, they are enjoying being able to make these choices for themselves while exploring all that nature has to offer.

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Next door in the toddlers and preschool shared outdoor area we now have a beautiful forest with a pergola overhead to provide shelter and exciting areas to explore in. In the forest area we have a log car and a sculpted turtle which has sparked lots of new interests and discussions in play. Where our old concrete path was, now stands a curved walkway through a vegetable patch leading up onto the deck. From the deck the children have all day access to their very own rock river, where they can use the tap to let the water fall and flow around them before disappearing under the bridge.
In the sandpit stands a beautifully carved Totara log water feature which provides the children with water during their exploration in the sandpit and neighbouring garden. Alongside the sandpit we have also included a scales system in which the children have enjoyed discovering weight, height, and quantities of the items around them. The Rimu kitchen in our sandpit is a wonderful natural piece, as well as a large wooden carpentry table providing us with more room and opportunities for supervised construction.

The Grass Field

We have been blessed with the use of the neighboring grass field where we make excursions to frequently. This area provides us with a natural environment where children can explore and run around. Mainly used during the summer months, the grass field is used for picnics, bear hunts, running races, ball playing and much more.