There are so many early childhood and childcare services available to choose from in the Auckland region. For many children and their families, the home environment is a preferable natural setting for children to spend each day growing and learning in.

Being in an environment with either one on one, or with just a small group of children, an ‘in home’ childcare setting can be very beneficial and the ‘right’ environment for some children to be in. Utalising the home life environment, all the while being in an early education childcare learning environment, fully supported by dedicated Educators and Qualified professionals, children get the best of both worlds.

Apples at Home Childcare is committed and very passionate about supporting families and children in our community. We think it is important for families to have options available that suit best their practical, emotional and social needs.

We all thrive in different ways. Some, in big busy settings, others in quieter more engaged settings. Sometimes having the mix of both, getting the best of both worlds is the best combination to foster children to grow to their full potential.

Apples at Home Educators provide safe and educational environments for children. They plan activities appropriate for children specific to each child’s individual developments levels and interests. At Apples at Home Childcare, children are in a home environment that is calm and inviting whilst also being stimulating and empowering.


Apples at Home Childcare has the flexibility where care can be organised to be provided to suit your needs and alternative Educators can be pre organised in case your Educator cannot care for children due to illness or incident.

Apples at Home Childcare is licensed by the Ministry of Education, abides by the Licensing Criteria for Home Based Education & Care Services (License and Health and Safety), The Education Council (Quality Staff/ Registered Teachers), The Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008, The Education Review Office (ERO) – (Curriculum  and Planning )and Te Whariki- Early Childhood Curriculum 1996.

Where are we?

We operate in The Rodney District, North of Auckland in and around the Hibiscus Coast and on the North Shore. Apples at Home is under the umbrella of Apples Education which includes Apples Childcare and Learning Centre’s so they have fantastic support with a huge range of resources and qualified teachers.