Connecting children to our Community through Nature

Encouraging children to care for the world around us

Where Nature meets Nurture

Developing long lasting relationships with the wider world

Apples Childcare & Learning Centre

Apples Education has been around for 10 years in the Auckland area. We encourage the children to care for and develop a sense of love for nature and the world around us. We prefer the use of natural play materials and recycling to help promote a sustainable society. Tamaiki start learning from birth; they learn about sharing and turn taking, about the importance of communication and listening to others, all while gaining independence and caring for those around them. These are all skills and abilities that are important for later on in life. We don’t just support children to learn in the here and now, but also to gain skills and knowledge that will help them for the rest of their lives.

We believe that tamariki should be encouraged to learn and grow in a safe, caring and stimulating environment that recognises and appreciates each child’s individuality. We understand that having respectful, responsive relationships with our tamariki and their whānau is a key to a successful learning foundation for all children. We value the input and connection that the staff form with the family and whānau. It is through this connection that children are supported to experience deeper, more meaningful and ongoing learning.

A sense of wonder is an important motivator for life-long learning (Wilson 1997). This is another important aspect within our philosophy of Apples Education.

Natural Environments for Children

Offering children creative natural pathways and spaces that are inviting to explore the natural world around them.


20 Hours ECE Subsidy Available

This is a subsidy from the government for all three and four years olds to attend early childhood education, for up to six hours a day and up to 20 hours a week.


Apples Philosophy


We value the time whānau spend with their tamariki in our centres and with our homebased educators. We believe that vital learning takes place at home. Tamariki are a taonga (treasure) and the parents are entrusting their most prized taonga in to our care …

“Where Families come First”


We believe that for the tamariki to feel they belong in the community, they need to develop a connection to it. This connection will help them later in life to care and nurture the environment we live in …

“Connecting our Children to the Community through Nature – encouraging children to care for the world around us.”


We keep tamariki grounded with the Papatūānuku by using the environment as a third teacher. As we venture out into the community, the tamariki are seeing more of the natural world around us ….

“Where Nature meets Nurture – developing long lasting relationships with the wider world.”

I’m glad my kids are at apples. We are really happy with the place and have  seen our kids grow so much during there time at the centre. We also have noticed the awesome culture with a real family feel to it which we love being a part of (keep that going). Apples rocks!!!

My husband and I have been most impressed with Apples Onehunga. My son has always been very happy there. Each time he came home he was in good spirits and happy. We appreciated the team at Apples as well who were always courteous and helpful. Always helping my family and I in many ways. I can’t recommend them enough.

 The Sewell Family

My kids love Apples. The staff are fabulous. They are the perfect amount of fun and personable but set the limits for the kids. My boys love the outdoor and nature focus of Apples. They are kept happy and entertained and challenged all day. I feel 100% safe leaving my kids there and as a parent that was my number 1 priority in choosing the right place. If i know and trust the staff then everything else falls into place. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Apples to anyone!

–  Kirsty Johnson